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Entry for February 21, 2008
Just checking in on you. I hope you got started with your sorting by now. If you didn't.....what are you waiting for? If you did, I have a few follow up tips:

First, take another good look at your inventory. Sometimes a second look will give you second thoughts about keeping something. You'll probably shed a few more things from your closet. Add it to the pile of stuff you've already eliminated.

By the way, what did you do with that pile of "stuff"? I hope it's not sitting somewhere cluttering up another space. Time to detach yourself from it. Get it out before it haunts you! Give it, donate it, whatever! The sooner, the better.

Are your garments categorized? For example, shirts are all together in one place, pants are all together in one place....Get the idea? By now, your closet should look great.

The next step (my favorite) is to change all the hangers to uniform hangers. Check out the website @ www.hangerclassics.com. Sort through the different collections that were specially designed to accomodate all of your wardrobe needs. Thin to thick hangers with so many finishes to choose from.

Every closet is important to us at Hanger Classics.com. Please call us and a Hanger Specialist will be delighted to help you choose the perfect hanger.

Happy Organizing!!


Marie Taylor

2008-02-22 03:45:18 GMT
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