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Entry for February 12, 2008
Snowed in? Winter is a great time to organize your closets! Before you start shopping for your spring clothing, get started with sorting out your existing clothing. The season's almost over so take a good look at what you have. Have you worn it yet? Are you ever going to? Try some things on again. You may realize that something looks terrible on and you've been storing it for nothing.

Stop wasting space. I'm not suggesting that you get rid of everything, but when you sort through your clothes, try to set your frame of mind toward a fresh, spacious closet full of only the clothing that makes you feel good. Don't save junky clothes for a junky day. That's the wrong attitude! If you don't want to be seen it, don't keep it for any reason.

Now get started.....Spring shopping is around the corner and you have to make space!


Marie Taylor

2008-02-13 02:51:54 GMT
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